Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat!

23 05 2009

Fatso here is Charlie Schmidt’s cat, and he’s quite a success!

Alone playing the keyboard he’s already a very cool cat.

But then he got some help from Brad o’Farrell who mixed another video with him, creating a new Internet meme called “Play Him off, Keyboard Cat!”

Tons of people followed the trend, creating this new meme explained here by Ellie from RocketBoom:

Basically, it’s a mix of FAIL videos with Fatso playing the keyboard!
You can watch lots of those videos at but here are some of them.

Pinky, the “very loving” cat:

Afro Ninja:

Extreme car parking:

El Spider Hombre:

Dog dreams of Keyboard Cat:

Source: Can’t remember… sorry. Random blog or YouTube recommendation.



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15 07 2009
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