I am a Geek!

18 05 2009

From the Society for Geek Advancement:

Even though the discussion of what a geek really is, and if the people on the video really can be considered geeks, I still like the whole idea of the video.
The only problem is the very definition when it comes to “not mainstream social acceptance”, when we all know lots of people on the video there shurely pursues it.
AND ironically, so does the video.
I mean, really, what could be more in pursuit of “mainstream social acceptance” than a self-affirmative video on YouTube?
The video and the intention might be nice guys, but really, keep the geek and nerdy as they are now… we’re all just fine.
No need for “advancement”.
Also, the Apple laptops right on the video start… is this viral?
Because seriously, if there’s one brand that’s trying it’s best to keep far far away the geek image, this brand is Apple.
See how they stereotyped the PC as a geek in the Mac vs PC ad campaign?
And how Macs are for beautiful women and “hip” guys?

Source: BombounaWeb



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