I Can Has Cheezburger – Rat attacks Cat!

10 05 2009

Not always rats can be in love with cats

…sometimes, rats also HAET cats!

From I Can Has Cheezburger YouTube Channel.
Also visit I Can Has Cheezburger website!



2 responses

23 06 2009
I Can Has Cheezburger – Exercise Wheel…. for Cats! « XSp.

[…] their exercise wheels becoming super-hamsters. Cats fell way behind, after years of lazyness, eventually became powerless against rodents in general. So they felt they had to do something about it, since even dogs where shaping up […]

7 07 2009
Alpha Cat vs. New Puppy « XSp.

[…] on this very blog: Cat Pokes Dog Dog hoggs blanket from Cat Cat evicts dog Dog hates virtual cat Rat attacks cat Rat Loves […]

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