District 9

6 05 2009

Here’s a trailer for the new upcoming Peter Jackson produced movie District 9:

About alien segregation, shure to provoke lots of interesting discussions.

The ad campaign for this movie is going on for a while, and it started as a viral thing.
The marketing crew created fake news websites with fake material about the whole discussion in the movie…
Truth is I didn’t see any of it ‘till I first watched the movie trailer, but if any of you did, now you know.

District 9 is sort of an alien concentration/segregation/containment camp which is ironically placed in Africa when alien ships lands on Earth and are forced to live with us.
Lots of people didn’t like the whole thing much because they were expecting a Halo movie or something, but I think District 9 has an interesting discussion on it, far more important than the sci-fi content.

Source: Kotaku



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6 11 2009

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