Comic Sans

22 04 2009

Do you still use Comic Sans as a default font for something? No? Watch this:

I still do… my MSN Messenger font. Mainly because I couldn’t care less about the whole discussion around it.
But I did heard lots of people who said they absolutely HATED the font. You know, there seems to be lots of unjustified hatred around the internet, and when it comes to fonts, there it is!
Still, I do understand Comic Sans is an overused font type, and what probably irritate some people is that it is frequently used in the wrong situations.
The font name says it all: COMIC. To use in comics or in light comic non-formal situations. Definitely NOT to be used in headlines, titles, formal conversations, announcements, etc etc.
But anyways, an interesting video. I still find all the hatred and all the “ban comic sans” movement ridiculous, but I also agree the font is misused and overused.
But the final quote says it all! xD

Source: LifeHacker



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