Madhouse – Hell’s Angel

21 04 2009

A streaming trailer from Madhouse’s new anime movie Hell’s Angel was released.

UPDATE: YouTube video added!

Dunno much about it, but seems to tell the story of a girl who dies and has to face hell… couldn’t understand if it was to simply escape it, of rescue her mother…

Hell's Angel

Hell's Angel

Looks promising… share several similarities to Gurren Lagann and Samurai Champloo styles.

Hell's Angel

Hell's Angel

Captured some screens because I don’t know if everyone will be able to see it (streaming videos are usually very buggy)… the trailer streamed well using Firefox and Windows Media Player 11 on Windows Vista Ultimate.

Check for more info at AnimeNewsNetwork Hell’s Angel anime movie entry

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork
note. Original post from December 2th, 2008



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