Disgusting Dominos Analisys

18 04 2009

Everyone must’ve watched this video by now, with former Dominos’ employees doing disgusting stuff on food that’s going to be delivered:

But I wanna get out of the mainstream opinnion, and raise some questions on the whole deal.
It’s pretty obvious how the video was associated with Dominos (see the caps and shirts). And while I personally don’t like Dominos stuff much, one has to wonder if this wasn’t something plotted by some Dominos competitor.
I know people are certainly capable of stupidities like those, but I also know that competitors may go to great lenghts to put the competition down, even more in times of crisis.
So let’s say another fast food chain promised a better paying job, or a big reward for doing a video like that.
Of course, it’s just speculation at this time, but not too far fetched isn’t it?
The problem as I see isn’t this particular case, but how the reaction it caused may in fact provoke such practices.
So, all things considered, I’m really hoping depite all, that this video is real and the employees were fired… because if it isn’t, this might be part of a way bigger problem we’ll be facing from now on.

Source: BombounaWeb



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