Google Zurich Office

15 04 2009

I’m sorry Insomniac, your office is great and all, but nothing quite compares to Google offices.
Specially this one in Zurich:

It’s no wonder why Google is taking over the world.

With offices like that, who won’t want for Google to take over the world?
I mean, really… best place to work ever or best place to work ever?
Of course, with offices like that you just know you’re not smart or good enough to be there. 😛

Didn’t drool enough yet?
Well, take a look at some more pics of the Google Zurich office on Gizmodo.

Source: TechEBlog

ps. I know the video and pics are old… I dunno why I didn’t publish about this before. Sorry oh lord Google, for I have sinned.



Uma resposta

10 05 2009
Life at the Googleplex « XSp.

[…] at the Googleplex 10 05 2009 Sometime ago I posted a video tour of Zurich’s Google Office. And there was much drooling and rejoice. Now, let me present you a tour of the Googleplex at […]

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