Insomniac Job Recruiting

8 04 2009

Insomniac shows how to get one zillion trillion billion million, etc of people interested in applying for a job with them:

Google standards much?

I have to wonder though, about the poor guy who’ll have to go over the tons of job applications to select the newcomers…

I mean, c’mon! Beef Jerky, Health plan and Dreamland?

Dare I call it a job?

Maybe I shouldn’t have dropped computers and game development after all… T_T

Source: Kotaku



Uma resposta

15 04 2009
Google Zurich Office « XSp.

[…] Zurich Office 15 04 2009 I’m sorry Insomniac, your office is great and all, but nothing quite compares to Google offices. Specially this one in […]

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