The Lonely Island – I’m on a Boat (NSFW)

30 04 2009


Max-Arthur – Restroom Cleaning Cat!

30 04 2009

Need your restroom cleaned pronto? Call Max-Arthur, the restroom cleaning cat!

Source: YouTube menu

Reza Dolatabadi – Khoda

30 04 2009

You are watching the stunning work of Reza Dolatabadi, which took no less than 60,000 paintings and 2+ years of work!

Really awesome!

Source: SmashingMagazine

Crazy Gideon

30 04 2009

An example of the finest ads local TV can produce!

From a Los Angeles (where else?) store called Crazy Gideon!

Source: TechEBlog

Plasma Speaker / Singing Arc

30 04 2009

So, what’s interesting on this video besides displaying a cool plasma arc?

It’s the music. No, I’m not talking about Alice Deejay’s Better off Alone!
I’m talking about the fact that the sound is coming FROM the plasma arc!
Now imagine having a huge home theater where gigantic plasma arcs blast off awesome music!
Won’t happen anytime soon, but still cool anyways! 😀

Source: Gizmodo

Best Ads March 14, 2007

30 04 2009

Selected commercials from


Shadow Physics

29 04 2009

Shadow Physics is yet another physics game but with a very interesting twist:

It’s still in very early versions, but shure to make a very mind boggling puzzle!
For now, the developers and creators of this interesting concept are Steve Swink and Scott Anderson.
Video is from GDC 2009.

Source: IndieGames

Daikan-Yama – Let’s Visit Tokyo 2 – AkihabaraNews

29 04 2009

From blog AkihabaraNews, a series of tokyo video tours that I’m a fan of!
Daikan-Yama is a popular place among couples with a selection of nice European restaurants. It’s in the area of Shibuya, which is famous for exactly that.

Along with DannyChoo’s Photo Walks, the objective is to show some sights of Japan that we usually don’t get.
And I bet some of these sights will show better why some people like Danny and Daimaou got “enchanted” by Japan, ultimately deciding to move there… and also the reason why I’d also like to move to Japan someday. 😀
Huge help from Daimaou and Danny’s great skills for capturing the essence and beauty of those places (in details), of course. xD

Source: AkihabaraNews

Bill Plympton – Microsoft Windows 95

29 04 2009

DemoReel – Mark Coleran 01.06

29 04 2009

For those who don’t know, DemoReels are demonstration videos usually made by publicity/design studios that deals with 3D graphics.

This one is from Mark Coleran. Those who like creative User Interfaces will like this one.
I’ll try to bring some of the cool demoreels around… most of them are awesome, so I think this is a start of a nice new series. 😀

Source (sort of): SmashingMagazine