Seiyuus – Galaxy Angel

25 03 2009

A new series with the work of famous seiyuus playing their characters!

For those who don’t know, Seyuu is japanese for voice actors/actresses.
Opposite to this side of the planet, in Japan they can be very popular, some of them reaching idol status and all.
Notice that most seyuu have a long list of anime characters they played. Kinda interesting to check because it’s sometimes surprising how different they can sound, or when you get that feeling you already heard that voice somewhere else.

For Galaxy Angel, we have a group cast presentation… so I couldn’t include all names in the title.
But if you wanna know more about them, check the AnimeNewsNetwork entry for Galaxy Angel!

Galaxy Angel is a classic long running nonsense comedy anime.
If you like animes such as Azumanga Daioh (with everyday life comedy), be shure to watch Galaxy Angel!

This series was inspired by a SankakuComplex post (NSFW)



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