Abandonware – Diablo (PC)

21 03 2009

Diablo was the game that made point and click hack and slash games popular, and dare I say, maybe the precursor to all MMORPGs!

It was also the one game of the series I really got addicted to.
I mean, I also played Diablo 2 to the end, but this first Diablo I played several times, online (item dupping?) and offline. Tested all classes, hunted for special items, etc etc.

It’s thinking about this game that I probably got excited when I heard about Diablo 3.

But back to this first one, here’s the cinematic intro:

Not totaly bad if you consider the game is from 1996!

I specially loved the stories, the texts and the atmosphere.
There’s this one text I always remember, and excerpt of the Book of the Blind:

Eerie and cool!

Lots of people got very addicted to Diablo back in those days, and I remember playing and liking several other “Diablo clones” back them. I’ll write about them later, but I specially remember Nox and Revenant. 😀



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