Playstation 3 Ads

15 03 2009

Tons of Playstation 3 displaying it’s capabilities…

…so noone has any doubts it’s the console with most advanced hardware around.

The one problem I have with these ads though, is that despite them being all very nice and dandy, I think they are very deceiving.
How so? Well, for consoles, IMO, doesn’t matter if it has some fairy dust magic with 100 clustered processors, 1Tb of RAM, and ultra high definition… GAMES are what matter.

And don’t get me wrong… if I was to buy a console from the current generation, it’d be the Playstation 3. But not because of any of the stuff you see on these ads. It’d be because of the games.
This Sony strategy may be the reason why Playstation 3 is among the least selling consoles of the current generation.




I mean, really, what’s the use of all that “potential” when it’s not used. Or even if it is, what’s the use of high definition, super powerful processors and physics chips, real time speed for special effects, advanced AI and all that when the playability of the game sucks?

BUT I’m not saying the console is bad… these ads are. They are beautiful, but miss the point of it all. Or maybe I’m wrong… feel free to comment.

Source: TechEBlog



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