Anime Discussion: Planetes

13 03 2009

While I’m not really entitled to say much about Planetes, since I only watched a couple of episodes years ago, I’m bringing it up to defend once again Animes and how they shouldn’t be considered simply “cartoons for kids”.



These past few months, the problems with space debris has been getting news attention due to the accident between an american satellite and the remains of a military russian satellite.

Today, news reports how some astronauts got red alert and had to rush on emergency maneuvers because debris the size of a finger was going against them… it was a small piece, but could cause great damage if collided with them.


If I’m not mistaken, not only Planetes but several other fictional works addressed the problems all this “space junk” could cause in the future. But when it comes to animations/cartoons, I don’t think any other titles even came close to what Planetes shows us.

Planetes is even kinda optimistical… it follows the lives of a team of space debris collectors in an yet distant future.

Here, watch the fist episode on YouTube (embed disabled unfortunately):
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Packing things up, feel free to discuss! 😀



Uma resposta

13 03 2009

Planetes is still considered by me to be the best anime so far that I ever watched in all of my series. Seriously, it is too good.

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