Idk my bff Jill?

10 03 2009

Been sometime I don’t write about memes… but here’s one that came out from a Cingular ad:

Commonly used as “bff Jill” or “Idk my bff Jill”, it spawned around on discussion forums as a standard reply to questions about who did something, or who was someone…

Yeah, if you were wondering what the hell that stands for, it’s: “I don’t know, my best friends forever Jill”, in text message dialect.

Cingular even tried to give the trend another run with a new ad, but it never got as famous as the first one:

Mainly because there’s nothing really special on the first ad, but it became a meme because people started using the expression in spoof videos, comics and photoshop contests.

One of the most famous is this one:

Idk, my bff jill?

Idk, my bff jill?

And I can understand that. xD
There’s more to this meme than that, but these are the basics…



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