Cow Massage

31 03 2009

Happy relaxed cows makes tastier milk.
So, a brush-like robotic arm was developed to act like a massage chair for our mooing pals:

You can see how happy they are! xD

Source: Gizmodo

MMovie – World of Warcraft invades Hollywood

31 03 2009

Tired of hearing about games turned into awful movies?

REVENGE! Is a dish best served… in machinima form?

Source: Halolz

RCTiger: Online Remote Controlled Tanks Battle

31 03 2009

Here’s an interesting take on online games, if real:

RCTiger is a game in which you can move and shoot remote controlled tanks wirelessly.

Though you can’t play it free (about 1 Euro for each 5 minutes), it seems the developers are giving free play tests to get some attention. The video is actually from an early version of the game.

Read more about it on RCTiger official website or RCTiger development blog.

Source: IndieGames

Kutiman – 03 – I’m New

31 03 2009

Kutiman is an awesome composer who pics several, usually amateur music videos from YouTube and makes a huge extenuating edit work to create stunning music pieces:

Awesome! Marvelous! I don’t know enough adjectives to describe his work. 😛
Also check Kutiman’s website: Thru-You.

Source: Gizmodo

Pangya Portable (PSP)

31 03 2009

Pangya is a famous korean fantasy golf game originally for PC, that already has a korean PSP version and is now getting an english release to be released this summer!

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Jamiroquai – Alright

31 03 2009

Iron Man vs Bruce Lee

30 03 2009

Patrick Bolvin puts other attempts on stop motion videos to shame with this very awesome Iron Man vs Bruce Lee clip!

The moves, the natural animation, the music (DJ4JOY) … so awesome!

Source: BombounaWeb