Kyon’s Sister and Cactus Dog at Curitiba’s Botanical Garden

11 02 2009

I’m fortunate to be living in a city that, while isn’t as big or as famous as others like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, it’s still a place you can find most things you want, also having a great weather IMO (colder than average), and lots of nice green parks and gardens to visit… I’m talking about Curitiba.

Every now and then I get to go to some of the tourist sites… this time I went to the Botanical Garden of Curitiba (Jardim Botânico de Curitiba). Took Kyon’s Sister and Cactus Dog along with me.

Most otaku will know Kyon’s Sister from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu… Cactus Dog though, isn’t exactly a figure, but a collectible toy.

I guess the main difference between both is that collectible toys usually have a design made mainly for the toy only, and the materials used are usually different too… but as there are several exceptions to those rules, don’t take the stereotypes too seriously.

Back to the botanical garden, it’s of course much bigger than what I’m showing in the photos… but the greenhouse is what get’s the most attention of people visiting it, so I decided to capture it.
That “natural habitat” Cactus Dog photo was taken inside the greenhouse.
Well, I call him Cactus Dog but the real name is actually “Bastardino”, and he was designed by artist Simone Legno from Rome, Italy. The two companies related to this series of collectible toys are StrangeCo and Tokidoki.

I’ll end this post with this question: Figures and Collectible toys – do you collect any? Both? Would you collect either of them? Any recommendations?

Here, have some more pics:



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