High Dynamic Range (HDR) Pictures

6 02 2009

I kinda inverted the sequence showing first a video that uses HDR technique, and now I’m bringing you beautiful pictures that uses said technique:

Gregory Hugh Davidson - Drannesville Tavern

Gregory Hugh Davidson - Drannesville Tavern

Notice that by clicking on the pics you can check the source and more info on the pics.

High Dynamic Range technique uses pictures from the same subject with different exposures (think light levels) and mix them up to create a result that wouldn’t be possible otherwise (unless under the influence of some drugs? :P).

Niklens - Captured Emotion

Niklens - Captured Emotion

It’s an interesting technique that requires at least a semi-pro camera… since you’ll probably need burst shooting and manual controls to achieve the effects.
Plus, you’ll need to edit the picture later. As you might’ve guessed, Photoshop has a resource to produce such effects, but there are also softwares designed specifically for HDR photos.

Steven Arens - Untitled

Steven Arens - Untitled

You also probably noticed by now that HDR technique is used mostly for sceneries. That’s because it’s where it works best. Giving that surreal eerie feeling to photos that you can’t see with your own eyes.

Stuck in Customs - One Night in Bangkok

Stuck in Customs - One Night in Bangkok

Anyways, it’s an interesting technique which is part of the reason why I’m looking for a semi-pro/pro digicam right now. It’s not hard to make an attempt on HDR photos, but it all depends on the results you’re trying to get.
Some HDR pictures requires more than the automatic HDR resource from Photoshop and other software… it requires you to paint with light, and do several adjustments…

vgm8383 - Golden Gate HDR

vgm8383 - Golden Gate HDR

What I mean is: If you never worked with HDR pictures before, don’t expect to get results like the ones on this post from start… many things can go wrong while attempting such results, and it’ll require a good amount of reading, learning and trying.

Smashing Magazine’s 35 Fantastic HDR Pictures is the source of this article’s pics. There are lots more HDR pictures there (duh), and they also point a large ammount of tutorials and resources. If you’re interested, do check it out!



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