5 02 2009

From the creators of Desktop Tower Defense, comes this new Flash game called Minions..



Minions kinda remind RTS (Real Time Stragegy) games, only you are in command of one unit alone.

It’s actually a full multiplayer game with two teams and up to 8 players each side.
You can choose among those 3 types of minions, plus the other 3 locked characters… I’m guessing you have to play for some time to unlock them.


Gameplay is fairly simple: You have to destroy all the buildings on the enemies’ base. Who does it first, wins.
Your minion has 2 special powers that can be activated when you want, and one special power that is permanently activated. You can upgrade those special powers by gaining experience from killing enemies.

Much like Desktop Tower Defense, Minions is also addictive as hell. Be careful because when you least expect it, you’ve been playing for hours already! xD

Click the images or this link to the official Minions website at Casual Collective!

Source: TheEscapistMagazine



One response

6 02 2009

Casual Collective… sou membro faz um bom tempo. Jogava Desktop TD multiplayer com uns amigos meus, jogos muito bons mesmo =D

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