Toilet Target Practicing

2 02 2009

Here’s a product which I’m shure many people in Brazil are needing:

Wee Wee Aim Football

Wee Wee Aim Football

I get very pissed off when I go in public restroom and find the toilet all messed up.

Sometime I feel like finding out who did the mess and make the guy clean it up with his tongue.
I also think that the lack of education some brazilians have in this matter is exactly why our country never evolves… total lack of respect with public stuff, and with others.
Personally, everytime I go to a public restroom, I leave it clean… and most of the times I end up having to clean the mess of others too… because really, if you can’t deal with your own mess, your evolutive scale isn’t higher than a monkey’s.

Wee Wee Fotball

Wee Wee Fotball

But back on topic, it’s quite simple: A small soccer ball that floats right in the middle of the toiled to try to convince people to practice some “target shooting” inside the vase.
The only problem I see is… well… that little soccer ball might not stay very pretty after some “number 2″… 😛

If it’s in a public restroom in Brazil then… well, sufice to say I already found some situations where crap was all around the walls, outside the toiled and even inside the waste basket… not to mention piss.

But anyways, here’s the Wee Wee Football page at

Source: NerdApproved via BombounaWeb.



2 responses

3 02 2009

You must be kidding me to tell people that you can have target practice when you are pooping in the toilet.

Seem like a weird idea

3 02 2009

Isn’t it?
I think whoever designed this toy forgot about poop.. xD

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