GigaPan – Obama Inauguration Day

26 01 2009

Gigapan is an awesome piece of equipment designed for photographers to take huge panoramic pictures.

Obama Inauguration Adress

Obama Inauguration Adress

The above picture is from President Obama’s Inauguration Day.
To understand what Gigapan does, you’ll have to click the image or this link to go to David Bergman’s article on President Obama Inaugural Adress. The original image has 1474 Megapixels.
Basically, you have to imagine Google Maps system working for one huge photo alone.
Read the full article to understand how the whole system works.

GigaPan Imager

GigaPan Imager

The equipment consists of a robotic mount that uses a camera to take several pics fixed in place, then uses software to fix perspective and stitch all images together to compose one huge picture.

An interesting equipment for scenarios and inanimate objects (like paintings in a museum, or a big wall with detailed graffiti).

More info at the official GigaPan website.

Source: Gizmodo



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