Hampton The Hamster – The Hamster Dance Song

25 01 2009


eddywin found out the origins of Hamster Dance (because it obviously is a mixed version of another song)

Came from a Disney Cartoon… actually “Robin Hood”, where a bard cock o_O plays it! 😛

And here’s Touhou’s Reimu and Marisa very popular version…

Original, as you might have guessed, Touhou Hamster Dance at Nico Nico Douga

Source: SankakuComplex (NSFW)



2 responses

16 02 2009
Alternative Energy - Hamsters! « XSp.

[…] Maybe not much, but if they used another more active hamster, they could generate power for a small city… xD Or, how about several dancing hamsters? […]

28 02 2009
Bionic Hamster « XSp.

[…] they decided to publish without the Hamster Dance… oh […]

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