Custom Figure

25 01 2009

Here’s something interesting for 3D modelers, bloggers and other people who have custom made mascots and characters…

Custom Figure

Custom Figure

A japanese company called Tsukulus is offering the service to make custom 3D figures for reasonable prices (something around 100USDs)!

Custom Figure

Custom Figure

You only have to send them the 3D model (the 3D printer only works with a few formats, but the company helps you converting to them).
Also, the printer itself makes a finished color result… you don’t even have to paint them!
Here are some examples of final results:
Custom Figures

Custom Figures

Check the english post – Create Your Own Figure with the 3D Colour Printer @ Akiba from for lots more info, or, if you know japanese, just go directly to the official Tsukulus website.

Source: Member Tiny Red Man news post at



Uma resposta

19 06 2009
MakerBot CupCake 3D Printer « XSp.

[…] say this is pretty interesting. Maybe for figure maker wannabes the Tsukulus option is still a better take, but for people who needs to produce several different custom 3D models, MakerBot’s CupCake […]

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