Relaxed Cats

19 01 2009

After several attempts on communicating with us, trying to enter boxes, trying to speak and getting taped, the cats here on are just… relaxing.

Relaxed Cats

Relaxed Cats

Well, maybe they’re getting a little too relaxed…
Relaxed Cats

Relaxed Cats

Maybe it’s time for a new cat series then?
Relaxed Cats

Relaxed Cats

Maybe I’m a little too relaxed for that too…
Relaxed Cats

Relaxed Cats

Yep… indeed I am.

Oh, btw, I found these pics on a very interesting blog… lots of cussing and bad words, but very interesting blog nevertheless.
If you also get pissed off about cute animals being all cute, check the F*ck You, Penguim blog!



2 responses

20 01 2009
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23 06 2009
I Can Has Cheezburger – Exercise Wheel…. for Cats! « XSp.

[…] future, hamsters improved their exercise wheels becoming super-hamsters. Cats fell way behind, after years of lazyness, eventually became powerless against rodents in general. So they felt they had to do something […]

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