18 01 2009

Sometime ago I wrote about a way of learning how to play guitar… with the upcoming Disney Star Guitarrist.

This time, I’m writing about a way of learning keyboard/piano… with Synthesia!

It’s a free application/game that you can get on the official Synthesia game website.

Super Mario Bros

It was previously called Keyboard Hero, but the author had to change the name…
Despite being considered a game, it can actually be used as a tool to learn how to play musics on your keyboard.

Of course you’ll still need a teacher… to read notation, to know the theoric part which is essential to piano playing and other stuff.
But for a fre app, it’s pretty awesome!

Hare Hare Yukai

Anyways, the only trick is that you have to have a keyboard or piano that can be connected to a PC… and will have to set your computer in a way so you can see the screen while on the piano.
Scrape that line, reader Fabio found out on another YouTube video that there’s a way to map keys from your computer keyboard to play the game.
But do check the game… I’m doing it soon.

Through Fire and Flames

Since playing keyboard is like a hobby to me now (I did take lessons but wasn’t able to evolve much), this is just perfect to me! 😀

Source: My friend Juliano pointed the game out to me.



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