UFO Catchers

10 01 2009

Awesome video of a lady who developed impressive techniques to always get stuff from UFO Catchers

Unfortunately, in Brazil UFO catchers only have crappy cheap stuff… as you can see on the video, in Japan there are tons of very awesome stuff.
In my trip to Japan, I remember seeing even Wiis in stuff like that.
Also, in Japan there’s always a way of getting stuff from UFO catchers… I’m not so shure if that’s also true in Brazil. They usually just shove tons of crappy toys in those, probably don’t even test if it’s even possible to get them.

Source: Member gordon News post at DannyChoo.com



4 responses

11 01 2009

u may directly to my blog at gordonator.com instead of my dannychoo profile page. it’s alright.

11 01 2009

Will do Gordon! 😀

13 01 2009
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15 04 2009
Arcade Joystick TABLE! « XSp.

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