Banned XBox 360 ads

10 01 2009

It seems Microsoft “held off” this ad by fear someone would get offended by it (violence, etc)

Which is sad.

With all the recent news (and legal actions) with people accusing games for being responsible in all sorts of crimes (which is just stupid), no wonder things like these happens.

Such is the state of hypocritical moralism these days. People always find a scapegoat to put the blame for stuff legislators have no competence to solve.

But here is one that deserved the banning…

…not because it’s violent, but because it’s too bizarre… 😛



2 responses

11 01 2009

What country was it banned it because I could have sworn I have seen it here in the US.

11 01 2009

You mean the first one percent20?
I think it was first aired and then banned… kinda like it got less air time than previously planned.

But I could be wrong… got the info on YouTube descriptions and comments.

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