Intervention – Video Game Addict

5 01 2009

Supposedly, a case of Video Game addiction.

But I’m not convinced.

  • It’s kinda obvious they did a good ammount of editing to made the guy look like a lunatic.
  • When they say about how he games 24 hours straight, is that like he always do that, or sometimes do that?
  • Guy is in good shape. Which might be due to lots of DDRing… or due to the entire show being bs. His eyes might look weird, but if I open my eyes wide and stare at my monitor, it’s pretty much like that. I see no dark eyes, no unshaven beard, no greasy hair… apart from the eyes, there’s nothing weird on him that might have dennounced a deeper addiction.
  • You know, for an addict, he shure diversify the types of games he plays. If there’s someone who can be called Video Game addict, the first thing that comes to mind is MMORPGs. (sorry MMORPG fans, but I’m shure some of you will agree with me) or online FPS.
  • Also, he shure did agree going into therapy relatively easy. Addicteds usually require more than a friend saying “I’m not going to be your friend anymore” to decide to go into therapy.
  • If he does nothing but play games, when does he finds time to call and mail his girl friend?
  • Sounded much more like the parents were overreacting (the mother and girl friend only actually) than anything else. See how he promptly agreed to try something just to ease his parents worries at first, but then became unconfortable when the camp was mentioned… was it because it was too long away from gaming, or was it just because he didn’t like the idea of a 42 day stupid camp? Because not many people would like to spend 42 days in a looney camp.
  • He also didn’t stop playing games after the treatment. So what’s the use of it?
  • We gotta ask ourselves, if gaming addiction is to be considered a clinical condition, was he supposed to get back to gaming after the therapy? Think other drugs.

    Now, if the whole case is true, glad for the guy… but there are too many weird things about the video that sounds more like sensationalism than anything else. And if there’s something I really despise on shows like that, is creating or distorting a story just to make people watch it.

    Wanna convince me? Get the Angry German Kid there… he might’ve acted the whole thing but he’d be a way better character to convince me on Video Game addiction. 😛

    Source: Kotaku



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