Angry German Kid

4 01 2009

Watch he scream and shout for Unreal Tournament!

Full description at the YouTube Angry German Kid page.

Now, there are several discussions and polemic about this being a fake (staged) video or not, about the effect of violent games on kids, and stuff like that.
But for me personally, this video is great for 2 things:
1. It made me think about myself, on my reactions to gaming and to computer crashes (that are not that bad, but sometimes are not very pretty too), and on how some people behave on games (usually shooters but sometimes MMORPGs too) that has live talking.
2. The fact that it was created to mock the view of some people who thinks that violent games creates monsters.

So, did you ever throw a fit like that in front of your computer/TV? If yes (or almost like that) what was the reason?



Uma resposta

5 01 2009
Intervention - Video Game Addict « XSp.

[…] convince me? Get the Angry German Kid there… he might’ve acted the whole thing but he’d be a way better character to […]

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