Sweating Robot

31 01 2009

A robot that runs and sweats… apparently to help make better sports clothing for the winter (which will dry faster)

Sweating is weird enough, but I guess those plugs connecting to it’s face wins the prize. 😛

Source: TechEBlog

Elite Force: Unit 77 (DS)

31 01 2009

Interesting game for the Nintendo DS

From the source post: “Set to hit the Nintendo DS next month, Elite Forces: Unit 77 is a game that combines action and strategy. Letting players control four characters, each with special abilities that need to be used in conjunction with the other members.”

Source: TechEBlog

Motion Controlled MP3 Player

31 01 2009

Kinda useless, but cool anyways:

From HackedGadgets, the mod was made by Elm-chan… just in case you suddenly feel the urge to do something like that, check Elm-chan’s Motion Controlled MP3 Player page… and good luck with that.

Souce: Gizmodo

Aqua Rain

31 01 2009

If you know something about japanese culture, you probably know that baths in Japan are not only a place to clean yourself, but also a place to relax.

Aqua Rain is a gadget that makes a water fountain and some lightworks to make baths even more enjoyable.
(insert dirty jokes here)
While a product like that would only make a mess in western bathrooms, I can see how that would be awesome in either japanese public bath houses (sento), or onsens.

Source: AkibaBlog (NSFW)

The Legend of Princess

31 01 2009

What Legend of Zelda 2 would look like if it was more action packed and made by some Independent Game developer?

Little bit different huh? 😛
This Indie version is available free for download directly using this link or at Konjak’s website.

If you like Independent Games and you have the feeling you already saw a game that looked like The Legend of Princess, maybe it was the Noitu Love series, which Konjak is also the author. Awesome games!

Source: IndieGames

Hubless Chopper

31 01 2009

I’m not much into motorbikes and choppers, but this one was too good to ignore:

Also known as The Hubless Monster, creates the weird illusion as if it was gliding on the street or something!
I’d like to have one of those… and then I’d buy a hamster wheel and put it right in the middle of those tires for increased effect!
Of course, as long as the hamster doesn’t get hurt… 😛

Source and more pics: TechEBlog

Abandonware – Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (NES)

30 01 2009

The second game from the Zelda series…

…which many fans of the series didn’t quite like.
But personally, I loved this game. I had the golden catridge, and though the game was very different from almost any other game of the series, and it was hard as hell, I just loved it!
The 8-bit music always makes me kinda nostalgic… ;_;

Provided by faithful nesguide