Watchmen Movie

16 12 2008

Watchmen, one of the most acclaimed comic books of all times,written by Alan Moore, will get it’s movie version released in March 2009.

Watchmen Movie

Watchmen Movie

Fans are already nominating this the “best movie of 2009”.
I’ll let you watch the trailers and reach your own conclusions.

Scream Awards Teaser

Comic Con Footage (Philip Glass)

Official Trailer

Alternate Link

International Trailer

More info, images and high quality videos at Watchmen Movie official website.

Yes, I read the comics, yes, I loved them, yes, I’m anxious to watch the movie…
Can’t say it’ll be the best movie of 2009… even more because the story is kinda complex, so I’m not shure if it’ll appeal to all tastes. But if it’s a faithful adaptation, and as good as these trailer… FUCK YEAH!

Who watches the Watchmen? Dunno… but the movie, you can be shure as hell that I will.

Oh, before someone asks… the music (Philip Glass apart) is Smashing Pumpkins’ The End is the Beginning is the End.

Source: Gizmodo



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6 01 2009

i think the watchmen movie is cool… a lot of people would launch such fan sites for this movie… like this one there are many active members here in support for the movie

16 01 2009
BREAKING: Watchmen movie sees settlement between Fox and Warner Brothers

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3 03 2009
Science of Watchmen « XSp.

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