Dragonball Evolution – Trailer

10 12 2008

Took some time, but here it is:

The new Dragonball Movie trailer!
Then, after watching it, I ask: Where’s Dragonball in the middle of that?

What you thought of it? FAIL or ULTIMATE FAIL? XD
Looks something like Bulletproof Monk or something like that… 😛

Gods from the sky almost destroyed the Earth? 7 mystics joined forces to fight against the invasors?
They created the Dragonballs?
Which means, screw Kami-sama and his story with Piccolo?
And Goku, the american teenage, now is “The chosen one”… cliche much?
And then, he speaks “I have to find the Dragonballs before the eclipse”… WHAT !@#$%@#$¨ECLIPSE?

Oh lord… ok, maybe I’m being too hard… if we forget the movie is a Dragonball adaptation, maybe it turns out to be an average generic action movie. Maybe not.

For those who are just arriving, take a look at the other Dragonball Movie posts in this very blog:
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And so, the epic journey of failure comes to an end… all that’s left is walking into imminent disaster that’s coming in 2009. I wish you luck! XD

Source: Kotaku



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