Professor Layton – Games and Movies

29 11 2008

It’s been announced for sometime, but since I never made a post about it and some new info just showed up, here’s my…

Professor Layton Movie

Professor Layton Movie

…Professor Layton games and movie post!

For those who don’t know, Professor Layton started as a famous puzzle/quiz (IQ test) game for the Nintendo DS.
It’s now on the third installment (in Japan).
Here, watch the trailers:

Professor Layton and the Curious Village (first game) – unfortunately, couldn’t find a subbed version

Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box (second game)

Professor Layton and The Last Time Travel (third game)

Level 5, the game’s developer announced a live-action movie last year… but no details were given.

Dunno if the live-action will still be done, but Level 5 announced an Anime movie now.

Level 5 is becoming more and more famous with several excellent game titles.
I already wrote about them about a game being made in collaboration with Studio Ghibli called Ninokuni: The Another World.

Finally, about the anime movie:
Title – Professor Layton: The First Movie
Producer – Studio TOHO
Voices – by original cast
Story – brand new one
To be released – January 2010 in Japan

Long wait, but well worth it if the anime keeps the game quality.

Source: Kotaku (live-action movie announcement) and Kotaku (anime movie details)



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