Tokyo Reality

23 11 2008

Folks from AkihabaraNews made an awesome video to test Canon’s 5D Mark II (dSLR professional line) capabilities on HD movie recording.

Tokyo Reality

Tokyo Reality

And the result is incredible! Made me understand the difference between amateur movies and professional ones… even though this one is also amateur, the jump in quality is just impressive!

But don’t take my word for it… click the image or follow the link for AkihabaraNews’ page on the Tokyo Reality video. Just be careful those with weak computers… my laptop cried trying to play the video. 😛 Had some lags.

Tokyo Reality

Tokyo Reality

You can alternatively download the Tokyo Reality video and try to play it offfline… provided that you have a good enough machine. I couldn’t play it at my laptop… computer froze. 😛

It’s still a very expensive camera, but considering that a camcorder that can shoot HD quality would be far more expensive, this is truly an option to consider.

Source: AkihabaraNews



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