The Underside

22 11 2008

Been sometime I wanted to write about this game…

The Underside

The Underside

…so finally, here it is.

The Underside is a game that will look very familiar to Cave Story fans.

Obviously “inspired” on the classic (some fanboys even say it’s a rough copy), The Underside has a difficult mission to pay homage to the original.

But considering it’s almost impossible to make a game as good as Cave Story, The Underside demo is actually very interesting.

Instead of passing that “crap bootleg” sensation, the game made me remind of the fun and cute style besides bringing a new and insteresting story. IMHO anyways.

Gameplay Test 1

Gameplay Test 2

Bad Johnny



Higher Quality at

Grab your copy of the demo at official The Underside website

Source: TigSource



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