Soundrop Moe

21 11 2008

Here’s an interesting gadget I got with my last SAFs as a gift:

Soundrop Moe

Soundrop Moe

It’s called a “Soundrop”, and I got the “Moe” version.

There were lots of game options, and some famous anime ones… I think it was Bleach sounds.
But only a few Moe versions.
I remember one of them was a maid saying something with “goshujin-sama” in the middle… and the other was just a random exclamation sound.
I ended up picking this tsundere loli version. Had to.

Here’s how it sounds:

“Moo, shiranai kara!”

So, what about you? Would you buy something like this?
And if so, which sound/voice/phrase would you like in it?
Don’t think too much before answering this! 😉



Uma resposta

18 12 2008
Soundrop Complete Collection! « XSp.

[…] Soundrop Complete Collection! 18 12 2008 A while ago, I made a post about a gift (saabisu) I got with some figures I bough. It was a keychain that had a big button, called Soundrop Moe. […]

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