Astro Boy Movie

21 11 2008

Hollywood is once again picking a japanese animation title to make it’s own version.

Astro Boy Movie

Astroboy movie

This time it’s Astro Boy.

I must say that I really really reaaaaaallllyyy don’t like this new tendency.
But I’m a purist, so I can’t speak for others.
I didn’t like when they got Speed Racer, I’m not liking the way things are going with Dragonball, and I also don’t like this version of Astro Boy so far.

Astro Boy Movie

Astro Boy Movie

Unfair coming from me anyways, since the single fact of the movie being in english is enough to have my utter disgust. To me, animes will only be animes if they are made in japan and if the characters speak japanese. Mixing Hollywood in the middle is simply unacceptable (disagree all you want, this is only a personal opinnion).
Here, a comparison between the new movie poster, and the (recent) anime version.

Astro Boy poster comparison

Astro Boy poster comparison

At least this time it’s 3D, not live action. BUT no, it’s not made by Pixar, according to Internet Movie Database entry on Astro Boy (2009).
And it has some big names on the voice cast, which also (in my personal opinnion) isn’t a good sign.
I do hope it doesn’t end up as a stain on this all time classic name.
What’s your opinnion on this one?


UPDATE! An Astro Boy movie trailer has just been released!

(HATE IT when people publish the video and erase it later)
Here, just in case this one is removed too:
Alternate 1
Alternate 2
Alternate 3
If those don’t work, try a search ordered by date.

Higher quality on

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork



One response

26 11 2008

[…] hace algunos Safaris, cierta preocupación por la película de Astroboy. Pues bien, el trailer que han soltado a rodar por ahí no ha logrado calmarme del todo, peeeeero, tampoco me ha […]

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