Pale Cocoon

14 11 2008

Pale Cocoon (Wiki entry might have some spoilers) is an awesome short story I watched sometime ago.

Pale Cocoon

Pale Cocoon

Found it while browsing for the Studio 4C’s Digital Juice series.

I’d recommend getting a high quality version, or at least clicking on the YouTube videos to get them in High Quality mode on their pages… but I guess you can also watch it here.

UPDATE: Sorry folks, but the english subtitled videos were removed due to copyright violation.
For those who understands japanese, I replaced the videos for a version with subtitles in… russian, I dunno. And the trailer.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

The story is located at some point in the future, when something terribly wrong has happened to our planet. Not many things were left behind about our planet today, apart from a vast archive of data, most of it corrupt.
Ura is a member of a department created to extract historical info from those files.

And the rest, you’ll have to watch to know. 😉
This is another good example on how animes are NOT just for kids, and can contain much more than just entertainment.



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