Dragonball Movie: Release Date and a pic

14 11 2008

Quick update on Dragonball Movie.

Dragonball Movie

Dragonball Movie

First, this weird pic that rumors are saying is the “big ape” version of Goku.
Only it doesn’t look anything like an ape. Which isn’t much of a surprize, considering how Picollo also looks nothing like a green alien, Goku is a caucasian teen and Master Roshi has no beard.

And second: The release date. At first, it was at August 15, 2008… than, it switched to April 10, 2009, and now it’s scheduled at April 8, 2009.

Anyone else hoping it gets rescheduled to… you know, February 31, 2000 something?

Source: Kotaku



3 responses

26 11 2008

If you think that Dragon Ball deserves a better adaptation than 20th Century Fox is making, please vote here: http://petitiononline.com/LLOSETI/
Si consideras que Dragon Ball merece una adaptación mejor a lo que está haciendo la 20th Century Fox, por favor vota aquí: http://petitiononline.com/LLOSETI/

26 11 2008

I think Dragonball deserves NO adaptation whatsoever… those who want to know it, just watch the original anime or read the original manga.

I simply don’t believe that any attempt on live action will ever succeed, eve more if it comes from Hollywood.

Unfortunately, I don’t think an online petition will make a difference… but those who believes it will, have my support to go and sign it! 😀

18 12 2008

Anyone seen the episode of south park where Jones got Raped ? Well this movie is being raped by fox!!!!!!!!!!!

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