30 10 2008

Yuki asks: What’s this? Does not compute.



It’s tofu, Yuki-chan! Cheese made with soy.
It’s healthy, and lots of people thinks it’s… tasteless. 😛
Love it on hot days, and when my tummy is not feeling well, because it’s very light.

Yuki: Record added. Can we eat now?
Oh, first we need to prepare it.



First you have to cut it in cubes.
Anna-chan: wow… you really don’t know how to cut in a straight line ne onii-chan?
Anna-chan: Here, I brought shoyu and furikaki.
Wah Anna-chan, even though you’re english you shure know lots about japanese food.
Anna-chan *blushes*: Oh no, I readu aboutu it in igirisu documentary… heh heh

Now, you throw some furikaki (mix of condiments for rice) on top, and lots of shoyu (soy sauce).



Kona-chan: Goukaku bossu!

I heard some people puts ginger, wassabi and some other stuff on their tofu.
I also know tofu can be fried, cook, grilled and mixed with veggies and meat… but this way is healthier. XD
And you? You like tofu? How do you prepare it?



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