Sushi Yama

26 10 2008

A mountain of sushi, if I’m not mistaken? 😛 Quick post about another japanese restaurant I visited.

Sushi Yama

Sushi Yama

Been some weeks already, I kinda forgot I took the pics.
Anyways, I was longing to eat some sushi, so I ordered some with hot green tea.

Sushi Yama

Sushi Yama

On your left, tuna, on your right, a mix called california (kani-kama, mango and cucumber).

How do you like your sushi?

I like all the side stuff that comes with it. Ginger, wasabi… and of course, soy sauce (shoyu).
I usually drink green tea even when it’s hot, because I personally think it’s the best beverage to go with sushi.
Oh yeah, that full plate plus tea was less than 5 USDs. Pretty cheap huh?



Uma resposta

27 10 2008

Sushi California > all


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