Mirror’s Edge

9 10 2008

Some games show the real potential of the Playstation 3.

Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge

Mirror’s Edge is one of them.

I thought of doing a topic with lots of pics and a long description, but I think it’s better to just watch the trailers…

I recommend for those who have the time to get all HD videos, to use the GameTrailers.com links instead of YouTube.

First trailer

Higher quality at GameTrailers.com

Mirror’s Edge Trailer Analysis

Higher quality at GameTrailers.com

Framed Trailer

Higher quality at GameTrailers.com

Leap of Faith Trailer

Higher quality at GameTrailers.com

Faith City Trailer

Higher quality at GameTrailers.com

The game itself is looking great, but one of the things that caught my attention was the dystopic plot.
Becase I just love that type of plot.

More info at the official website.

UPDATE: Just when I was about to publish this article Kotaku releases two more ashtonishing videos and some news about the game’s music.

Source: Kotaku



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