Traditional Japanese Meal

7 10 2008

Three pics to savour with your eyes…

Japanese Food

Japanese Food

(traditional restaurant in Kyoto)

I’m planning on posting these pics for centuries, but I’m always forgetting them.
They are from the best meals I made on my trip to Japan (couple of years ago).

Japanese Food

Japanese Food

(traditional breakfast served in a small Ryokan we stayed in Kyoto)
Nothing photoshopped or prepared… the pics were taken right after the food was served.

Japanese Food

Japanese Food

(typical dinner served at an Onsen)
And this is only one of the reasons why I tell everyone I know that going or that is in Japan to take a weekend to relax at an onsen… it’s HEAVEN! XD

Credits for the pics goes either to my cousin Marcos, or to my uncle Hiromassa… most of the pics I took weren’t this good, or just got lost along with my 300Gb HDD. T_T



Uma resposta

16 01 2009
Nendoroid Miku and Teishoku « XSp.

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