Suddenly Acquired Figures!

4 10 2008

A sudden trip last weekend, though sad, gave me the opportunity to increase my figure collection.



What do you think of them?

A reminder: I already made a topic and an update about my figures.



The Ichigo Mashimaro collections are my weak spot. I can’t see one without buying it…



Even Arale-chan was kinda surprised with the ecchiness of this Moe-tan figure.



A kawaii Ayanami Rei version. Loved it!



Kyon’s sister Nendoroid version… and Kona-chan cosplaying as Saber!



Finally, Miyafuji from Strike Witches! Had to get it since it’s one of the few new animes I’m currently watching…

So… see anything you like?



6 responses

4 10 2008

mashimaro girls, kuroi sumi and miyafuji ><
i want these!!

4 10 2008

And I want Misao!!! XD

8 10 2008
Nendoroid Yoshika Miyafuji - Strike Witches « XSp.

[…] I already have a Yoshika Miyafuji non-Nendoroid version… see her on my last figure update post! […]

31 10 2008
Ayanami Rei figure - Alter « XSp.

[…] pose, it also has a different design (cute style, with kimono)… you can check it on my Suddenly Acquired Figures post. Ayanami Rei – Alter But anyways, this new figure by Alter is one I’m considering getting. […]

21 11 2008
Soundrop Moe « XSp.

[…] 21 11 2008 Here’s an interesting gadget I got with my last SAFs as a gift: Soundrop Moe It’s called a “Soundrop”, and I got the “Moe” […]

6 12 2008
Strike Witches STG « XSp.

[…] already wrote two articles with Strike Witches… my last figure update, and a Nendoroid release for the main character, Yoshika […]

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