Emergency trip and grieving…

28 09 2008

Just to leave a note for dear readers… I’ll be absent for the next few days (even though the blog probably will proceed in normal activities)…



My uncle Sergio, who was fighting against cancer for some time now, passed away on the night of this past Saturday.

It’s hard to say something for my cousins in a moment of such pain, and I never know which words to choose in such times… but I believe that what matters most is to be near them, offering our support, and saying goodbye to my uncle who was held very dear in life.
The good memories will stay. May my uncle rest in peace.



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28 09 2008
Greg Myers

My sincerist condolences to you and your family for the untimely loss of your uncle. Take solice in knowing that he is in a much better place now, without pain or suffering. I lost my mother to cancer as well and know what you are going though.

29 09 2008

Thanks Greg, means a lot to me.
Also lost my father to heart problems… it was similar to what happened to my uncle just now because months went by ‘till his condition took the best of him.

So I had to come to give my support to my cousins… it was sad because my uncle was someone who was always positive and happy. But we’re relieved that he passed away without suffering too much.


4 10 2008
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