Piano: Philip Glass – Dreaming of Fiji (Truman Show)

26 09 2008

Here goes nothing…

Me on the piano. 😛

Music from my favorite composer: Philip Glass
From my favorite Jim Carrey movie: Truman Show (watch it if you didn’t yet)
Score by Joseph M. Rozell

Was available online on Pianothemes.com
Here’s the perfect version (not crappy like mine) with a movie trailer:

Unfortunately, Pianothemes.com went down.
But thanks to ChuckMcKnight, I could get my hands on the piano sheet. His page has lots of transcriptions… I recommend it!

maximoulin also played it in another YouTube video (his playing is better than mine):

Finally, I know my playing is kinda crappy and filled with mistakes… but it was the best I could do.
I’m no pianist… took lessons some 16 years ago, but nowadays it’s just a hobby.
Hope it isn’t too offensive on other’s ears. XD

Comments, critics, questions, etc… I’m all ears! 😀



4 responses

26 09 2008
Chuck McKnight

Very good playing. And thanks for the link to my site! 🙂

31 10 2008
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