Combat Arms

5 09 2008

Free game that mixes FPS and MMO elements, from Nexon.

Combat Arms

Combat Arms

Combat Arms

One of the few games I still play frequently nowadays is Counter Strike: Source. But lately, for x reasons, it became impossible to play it on my computer because of the lag.

Combat Arms

Combat Arms

Combat Arms came up as a great alternative.
The game is free, has great graphics, similar gameplay, and it A LOT lighter than Counter Strike: Source, running on my PC with not frame by frame lags which had already become routine to me.

Combat Arms

Combat Arms

Combat Arms isn’t as accurate as Counter Strike, and sometimes you see other players “blinking” backwards when there’s network lagging… but as a good advantage, besides being way lighter, it has some MMO elements which allows your character to evolve.

Combat Arms

Combat Arms

There’s a ranking system where you gain experience points according to playtime, which allows your charater to level up and earn some virtual money to spend in equipment and mods… like new weapons, silencers and others.

Combat Arms

Combat Arms

And finally, the thing that will please many: Its’ FREE!
You only have to go to the official website, download the game (about 700Mb), sign up, and play.

Warning for folks that use ZoneAlarm: maybe it’s best if you disable or put it in GameMode before playing…

Oh yeah, the game was developed by Nexon, the same producer of other well known titles like Maple Story and Maginobi. And for those alergic to cute graphics, no, Combat Arms have nothing like that.
Watch some trailers if you’re still not convinced:


Trailer 2


I recommend it! I’m playing for a few days now, it’s addicting.

Pointed out by fellow Giovanni from blog IT2day.



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12 12 2008

i love this game

27 07 2009
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[…] for my FPS fix. Wolf Team is an online FPS that fits right into that category, just like Combat Arms did […]

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