Dragonball – The Movie (update)

3 09 2008

The most visited post on the blog is about the cra-, I mean, the Dragonball manga adaptation to the big screen!

Dragonball Movie

Dragonball Movie

(wow Picollo, you desperately need some sunbathing huh?)

Therefore, I’d like to keep you informed on the news about it.

Here we go: For those who don’t know, the movie was inicially scheduled to be release on August 15 this year… meaning it should already be out by now.

Dragonball Movie

Dragonball Movie

(Forbidden Kindgom with cosplay?)

But the release ended up being “pushed” to April 2009… specifically April 3rd (though it would be more appropriate if it was the 1st… no one would believe it).

Dragonball Movie

Dragonball Movie

(they really got rid of master Roshi’s beard… oh lord)

But this doesn’t mean the movie has stopped… there are rumors the first trailer is about to be released.

Dragonball Movie

Dragonball Movie

(who said Picollo is a green alien? Obviously, he’s a vampire… not only that, but he’s a vampire called Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

While it’s not out, you can torture yourselves some with the images from this very post, which apparently, are from said trailer. 😀

Dragonball Movie

Dragonball Movie

(Goku, holding one of Sauron’s… balls)

Dragonball Movie

Dragonball Movie

(would you look at that? They recycled the scenario from The Golden Child movie… remember that Eddie Murphy movie?)

Dragonball Movie

Dragonball Movie

(Looks like a total eclipse… but I remember Goku destroying the moon when he was a kid? Or was it later? Or was it Gohan? Or did the moon get “ressurected”? I can’t remember anymore…)

Dragonball Movie

Dragonball Movie

(thinking: “How did I get into this?”)

That’s it folks!
Fans that are trying to give the movie a chance, don’t get mad with me… it’s just a joke! XD)

Source: Kotaku (about the movie delay), Kotaku (last informations and trailer images)



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3 09 2008

the only thing chow yuan fatt resemble the character he is playing is perhaps the shirt he is wearing.

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