Quest for Glory 2 – Remake!

28 08 2008

Special for old gamers… 😛

Quest for Glory 2

Quest for Glory 2

ADGInteractive just finished Quest for Glory 2 remake (Hero’s Quest), and made it available free on their website.

It’s also a great game for the newer crowd to check out… it’s from the old collection of famous adventure games, also known as “point and click”, where plots played the most important part of the game.

Quest for Glory 2

Quest for Glory 2

Quest for Glory series had a difference from other famous titles of the same genre like Indiana Jones, Monkey Island and Leisure Suit Larry: It also has random encounter combats, much like RPG games.

Why not Quest for Glory 1? Because it already has a official remake made by Sierra.
But no problems… you don’t have to play the first to understand the second.

I remember playing Quest for Glory 1 and 2… maybe 13 years ago? Loved the first one, managed to finish it somehow. This second game though, I had a bugged version.
My diskettes had problems, and the game kept crashing.
I can only remember it was very hard, even more with the game crashing randomly… 😛

Click the images to go to the official page. You’ll find the download link there.

Source: IndieGames



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13 07 2009
Abandonware – Quest for Glory: So You Want to be a Hero / Hero’s Quest (PC) « XSp.

[…] The videos above are all from the original EGA game which was the one I played to the end… but a VGA version was made later on, and the Quest for Glory series actually had tons of sequels spawning 5 games, 1 official remake and 1 unofficial remake (Quest for Glory 2)! […]

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