Talking Teddy Bear

21 08 2008

Folks from How 2.0 shows how to make a teddy bear talk Twitter entries.

For those who don’t know Twitter, it’s a sort of micro blog that allows you to write small up to 140 characters messages.
I only met this service after blogs announced that some folks managed to make it work with the iPhone.

It’s a nice tool for live-blogging… but let’s get real. You have to live a pretty interesting life to get and keep people’s attention to something like that.

Back to the bear… they used something that looks like a Teddy Ruxpin (OH WOW! Anyone remembers it?) and several other electronic components to connect it to the service and make him read Twitter entries.

Looks interesting. Must not be too hard to make it read my RSS entries… XD

Source: Gizmodo



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